Don’t get stuck thinking you know German but then the moment you hear somebody say something it all crashes apart and it is almost completely indecipherable to you! Learn about developing skills as to how to become competent when communicating in ALL forms of German: both on paper and in person.


Radio D Deutsche Welle (Beginner’s Level – A1/A2)
According to Deutsche Welle, “The audio language course ‘Radio D’ is aimed at beginners with no or little previous knowledge and covers levels A1 and A2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It helps you train your listening comprehension in a unique way. You can listen to all audio clips and read the manuscripts for them here. Radio D was created in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.” Contains 26 episodes and extra supplemental study material.

Die Sendung mit der Maus Video Podcast (Beginner’s Level – A1/A2)

The University of Michigan recommends this podcast: “Die Sendung mit der Maus is a popular kids’ show with ingenious simple explanations of how things work that are just as educational for adults. Great listening practice!”

Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden
For listening practice, The University of Michigan recommends this link: “Watch the main news of the day, condensed into 100 seconds; updated multiple times daily. The visuals and text should help you follow what’s going on. Very clear German, and interesting to compare with the headlines in the U.S. If you have more time, watch the 20 Uhr Tagesschau, which is 15 minutes long.”

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten Deutsche Welle (Advanced Intermediate Level – B2)
This challenging resource for learning German offers slowly spoken daily news in German. Each episode comes with a full transcript.

Top-Thema mit Vokabeln Deutsche Welle (Advanced Intermediate Level – B2) rates this as one of their favorite Deutsche Welle learning German resources: “This section offers short articles focusing on current events with vocabulary and exercises. Each article comes with audio, transcript and downloadable PDF. If you prefer video to audio, there’s a sub-section called Video Thema which offers even more exercises and vocabulary.”

Deutsch im Fokus Deutsche Welle
Also recommended by, this Deutsche Welle course “offers weekly articles about German language and daily life in Germany, complete with vocabulary, exercises and audio.”

German Stories in HD for children to read along bookboxinc
As the YouTube description states: “Here is a collection of fun stories for children. Every story has been carefully created by BookBox with the goal of promoting a love for reading through extremely edutaining and culturally inclusive content from around the world and also to give automatic reading practice to children.”


German Reading Strategies The University of Michigan
Great article that starts off by stating: “You need not understand every word. Use the dictionary sparingly. Think of conversations you have in bars, or at construction sites, in noisy city streets, at stock markets…: it is impossible to understand every word in these situations, yet you still understand enough so that you can fill in certain gaps from the context…”

Practice Texts for German Reading Comprehension Deutsch Drang
Deutsch Drang offers a wide collection of actual teaching materials from various sources. Exercises are broken up into Beginner and Intermediate level.


Lang-8 Lang-8
Try Lang-8 for reviewing your German writing.  Michael Sieler recommends the following: “Write in a journal every night in German. Write about everything, no matter how little or trivial it may seem. Just write! Write a weekly summary and submit it to Natives will critique your writing for free, in exchange you should do the same too. I recommend correcting 2 texts for every 1 text you submit. It’s good language learning karma.”

Deutsch Aktuell Workbooks 1-3
In our very own section about Deutsch Aktuell 1-3, we provide links to online pdfs of all three German textbooks and also additional Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises!

Writing in German without Thinking in English University of Michigan
This advice is for the more advanced German speaker. One must progress from translating everything in their head to operating through the language.

German Punctuation
Most of the punctuation in German is the same in English but there are a few differences. Quotation marks for example, hug the words differently. Numbers look very different in German.

Writing Numbers – Periods or Commas?
A short, yet effective summary as to how to use the correct punctuation for writing numbers. Hint: the commas and periods are reversed!

Nouns are capitalized in German! Read more about other German punctuation as well.

Free German Worksheets for All Levels Deutsch Drang
Exercises are broken up from Beginner to Advanced levels.

Nancy Thuleen – Writing Assignments, Levels 1-3 Nancy Thuleen
Various practice German writing assignments for classroom or instructional use.

Best German ABBREVIATIONS from A to Z #thoseGermans – YouTube
#thoseGermans insructional video on various common German abbreviations.


Spelling Your Name University of Plimsmouth

Basic German: Large Numbers — Useful information is provided as to how to communicate things like numbers and monetary amounts.

Numbers GCSE Bitesize German Interactive Lesson

An Exercise for Fluency: Self-Talk ( This exercise helps a person practice and develop conversational German abilities along with preparing them to speak with someone else.




(STEP 3) German Vocabulary — or continue with   STEP 4: Language Certification!

Last updated March 3rd 2017