Building vocabulary is essential to learning any language. Learning words in German is accomplished through memorization, but practice ensures it is not forgotten.


The 80-20 System for Learning German Vocabulary
FluentU points out something very interesting to German language learners: “in German the 100 most common words make up about 50% of the language.” This means, there are some major breakthroughs points to where the language will definitely start meaning something.

Word of The Week German Missions in the United States
Every Friday, and The Week in Germany highlight a different “Word of the Week” in the German language that may serve to surprise, delight or just plain perplex native English speakers.

The Top 20 Most-Used German Verbs
Generally rated as the most common spoken verbs, this list is essential when it comes to knowing the basics.

Top 100 Basic German Words
A must have for learning spoken German! This reference page is for the top 100 spoken German words. The notes concerning Zipf’s law and simple past tense are worth keeping in mind if you are at the A1 level of German proficiency.

The Top 1,000 German Words Language Daily
When it comes to developing reading skills, this is in an excellent reference source for increasing German vocabulary.

100 top German adjectives flashcards Quizlet
Vocabulary words for 100 top German adjectives. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards.

Intermediate German Word List
A helpful list for those who have mastered the A1 level and deciding what to work on learning next.


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Last updated March 3rd 2017