Learning a language can be challenging, but things like having a good teacher and textbook, along with a solid study approach, can make a huge difference and even make learning a language, both fun and enjoyable.

Here you will find a collection of German online language learning tips and resources. The entire self-study learning process broken down into 4 steps, working up from beginner to advanced.


German for Beginners: Study Tips study tips and practical advice to help make learning German more effective.

The Top 10 German Mistakes Made by Beginners
Learning from mistakes is actually very helpful. Expect to make mistakes quite frequently. Right away, it is mentioned in this article from a very important mindset: “mistakes are unavoidable”.

Common German Prepositional mistakes
This article is useful to constantly be re-reading while learning German. Humorously explained articles begin with “you think you’re saying” and then follow with “the German speaker understands” to help it become apparent what mistakes are happening.

7 Suggestions to Help You Learn German
Largely motivational in manner, believing in yourself is also very important when it comes to learning German…

Self-study ideas for students learning German for the first time University of Michigan
Very comprehensive guide to getting serious with every possible technique when it comes embracing and fully immersing oneself into the learning German process

Why German Goethe-Institut New York
This question might haunt you after spending enough time studying German and the answer takes many different forms. This website answers the question as to what value there is in knowing how to speak German.

The 80-20 System for Learning German Vocabulary FluentU
German Language and Culture Blog

Why German should be the second language on your CV
Find out why learning German can also help further your career.


Explore Online Classes (MOOCs) — Self study can be challenging without a teacher. Sometimes taking an online class can further supplement and also give direction to the learning process.


STEP 3: Practice, Practice!

Last updated March 3rd 2017